Stop Hollywood Blight – Report Violations

The City of Los Angeles is cracking down on “BLIGHT” with a new ordinance (a law) and people or companies who break the law can receive fines up to $100,000!

What is blight?

I found this definition of blight:  Something that impairs growth, withers hopes and ambitions, or impedes progress and prosperity. I guess we can say something that makes where you live, look bad…

Just to name a few things, defaced property, abandon buildings and garbage piling up in front of empty lots or buildings. For some Hollywood residents this is something you may be most likely to see if you are walking. That would mean walking to the bus, the trains, the store or to visit a friend several blocks away. When you drive, you have a tendency to miss some of this things because your mind is on driving.

To help protect your community you can call, 3-1-1 (three-one-one) on your phone. Once a live person comes on, tell them what you’ve seen. Remember, if a couch is on the sidewalk, get the address that it is in front of or if you see some graffiti on a wall, notice the color of the wall, (so it can be painted over.) and the address where it has occurred. You don’t have to give your name. You can remain anonymous.
So protect your neighborhoods and call: 3-1-1 to get rid of the blight. This-is where you live.

More Blight:

  • Unlock doors, open/broken windows and walls, or anything that allows entry.
  • Grass/vegetation not kept to the neighborhood standard.
  • Fire hazards including excessive vegetation, debris or flammable materials.
  • Pools/hot tubs not drained or kept clean and in working order.
  • Failure to post 24-hour contact information to report problems on the property.
  • Failure to post, “This Property Closed To The Public.” (LAMC 41.24)
  • Unauthorized occupants or occupation without power or water service.

Protect Your Neighborhood, Stop Blight: CALL 3-1-1 to report violations.

Join the fight against blight.

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  1. ByTheSea says:

    LA looks like someone stepped on NYC and scraped it off on the beach. LA is an ugly city. Ride the Blue Line Metro down to Long Beach sometime. The Valley is saturated with blue tarps and cheap plastic banners advertising everything from tacos to cannabis. Crumbling/faded infrastructure, pot hole filled streets and homeless encampments abound.
    Every other major intersection someone trying to sale you anything from ice cream to fried pork skins. Such a beautiful geographic area but so traumatized by the masses.

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