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Saturday, February 26th, 2011

It is hard to imagine that it is election time again, and yet: Here we are. – On March 8, 2011 many of you are marching to the voting polls to cast your votes on those you have chosen to be deserving of your vote.

It seems to be the first in a very long time that every single incumbent of the Los Angeles City Council race has a challenger, including Tom LaBonge, who is trying to be reelected in City Council District 4.

Mr. LaBonge was not available for an interview with us despite repeated attempts in writing and in person to meet with him. However, his two challengers sure were interested in letting you know who they are and what they stand for.

We met with Mr. Stephen Box to find out more about the reason why he is running for city council and what his main issues are with the city in general, regulations on Cell Phone towers and yes, the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles.

He seems to have a vast knowledge of almost any issue that the city of Los Angeles is facing right now.



When we met up with Mr. O’Grady we found out that he, too has had his run ins with City offices and he has learned fast that the best way to get anything accomplished is by doing it yourself.

He also understands that this is not the way to do things in city as large as Los Angeles; that the people deserve better. They deserve a representative who can roll up his sleeves and go to work.

We asked Mr. O’Grady what he believes is necessary to bring back the district, neighborhood by neighborhood.


It seems that the Incumbent has his work cut out for him during this 2011 city election, especially since both of his challengers simply can’t wait to get their say in City Hall in order to bring the Great City of Los Angeles out of the red ink and back onto its feet.

Now you have to decide which candidate will deserve your vote on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011. Will it be Tomas O’Grady? Or will it be Stephen Box? Or perhaps even the incumbent Tom LaBonge?

We’ll see you at the voting polls, where you will make your voice be heard by casting your vote!

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming elections, please contact the Los Angeles City Clerk’s office via 3-1-1